I am creating sites with newest trends and I am not against experimenting with new elements

Thanks to the technology, we can display websites on the go, but not everytime websites are ready for smartphones or tablets. You do not need to fear that site will not be accessible from mobile phone or tablet.

Not everyone likes websites, that has lot of text, links and you cannot tell, where you need to click. I am making simple links, that can guide you where you want without much effort.

Everyday we can hear on internet about stealing of data from big companies. Mainly, data that have been stolen are passwords. I am taking this seriously and I am saving passwords very safe.

Nowadays, loading speed is considerable. After all you do not want to wait almost 2 minutes for website to be fully loaded. Thanks to the compression of content and images, my websites are loaded in few seconds.

Nowadays, most providers determine their bandwidth limit. Not everyone has opportunity to visit big sites that may download many of megabytes for 1 session. For this reason I am using compression, so you can visit your sites and do not worry about your bandwidth.